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Real-world social skills coaching to spark social habits


What is "Enlightened Shadowing"?

We agree with Fred Rogers that “It's through relationships that we grow best—and learn best." That's why our Enlightened Shadowing methodology teaches children social skills during real play with their community peers.

Enlightened Shadowing provides new tools to bridge the gap so children get more positive play practice than their behavior might otherwise elicit.


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• Parents learn to support a child through difficult behaviors and during play with peers.

• 1-to-1 aides learn the fundamentals of Enlightened Shadowing to support pro-group behaviors for school, camps, and peer interactions during play.

• Under 15 minute micro classes, live Q+A with educational experts.

• Focus units for playgrounds, playdates, camps, and schools.


Inclusive Schools hire us to train teachers, paraprofessionals, and the school community so that everyone thrives in the teachable moment.

For more than a decade, we have been providing engaging, child-focused, practical staff development for schools .

*International School Asia Tour Spring 2020

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Custom guides and materials for after-school and camp programs.

We love  partnering with groups who offer after-school, camp, or inclusive activities to young children. Schedule a call to learn how Learning Seeds can spark learning for your staff trainings  and your student engagement.


Talks that spark change!

Experienced dynamic speakers are available for your next conference. Let the Learning Seeds engagement experts share their insights. Our dynamic and informative talks are tailored to your audience, covering topics from behavior change, UX, EdTech, personalized learner design, early childhood education, and more.

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