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Learning Seeds builds interactive training tools to improve a child’s behavior, social skills, and motivation in real peer interactions. At the playground or during educational settings like schools, Learning seeds helps children connect to the teachable moment.

Teaching social skills, not by changing minds, but by changing social habits

Instead of requiring dialogue to change minds, we help children most when we increase the number of positive and neutral experiences they have connecting with groups in school and at play.

Designing ed-tech tools that serve, not replace, teachers. 

There is no way to take the teacher out of the teaching. Curriculums should be tools that support teacher decision making by training,and organizing new ideas for the teacher's tool belt. We don't want to make teacher's into robots. We want to help them feel like Batman with our EdTech tools at their fingertips.

Keeping data connected to real and complex learning.

Data is only useful if it is directly connected to the happiness and independence we seek to create for our students. Our mission is to make data collection  "grocery store easy". Stores don't slow down the interaction between the customer (who needs food) and the sales clerk (who needs to collect payment) and yet the barcode on foods generates data to inform all levels of decision making about the likes and habits of the shopper, the clerk, the store layout, the effectiveness of a  new sales campaign. We want learning data to be this tied to the teachable moment and this effortless to collect as the educator and learner work together. With our innovative solutions-based grids, we've found a way to make learning data relevant and effortless.

Capturing teacher talent without promoting teachers away from children.

Imagine if we built tools that allowed mentor teachers to simply model techniques with children. Then we'd stop promoting the best educators away from children. Our meeting time would be replaced with teaching time and our ed-tech tools would capture the expert teacher's decisions and provide a recap for review by novice educators. We are working to develop training materials that keep the focus of time, training, and expertise in direct connection with children at a teachable moment so everyone on the team stays focused on answering "What do we do next to help this child thrive?".

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