Tues, May 26-30th


5 Day Facebook Exclusive Event: "5 Days to a Smoother Home Life with Young Children"

Each morning of the 5 days of the event, we'll post on our Facebook page a Learning Seed’s crafted article that guides parents through a new tool to increase their children's engagement and independence. We encourage you to mull over that tool or recommendation and bring it home with you.

Then we'll share that day's experience all together each evening via Facebook comments - parents can interact as much or as little as they want.

We'll guide you through the experience by posting the article in the morning and initiating the conversation in the evening, each day.

Each Day's Topic:

Day 1: Getting your family to all paddle in the same direction can be tricky. Day 1 gives some practical tips on creating a Family Meeting. 


Day 2: Feeling overwhelmed? Day 2 helps you identify the three types of time you have with your child and develop a Home Plan that uses them. 


Day 3: Looking for long term solutions for increasing your connection with your child?  Day 3 helps you identify three parenting shortcuts you got away with before Covid, that we can help you replace. 


Day 4: Empower Independence in your child (and get them involved in household Chores!). Day 4, we share some easy to start habits that will help you say “I’m so proud of you for doing that independently!”


Day 5: Help your child connect with family and friends with video chats. Day 5 helps you turn screen time into meaningful connection time for your child. 

How to Join:

Click the button below which will lead you to the Learning Seed’s Facebook page. Then, just click like and follow on the page. The Learning Seed’s Facebook page will be the hub for the entire 5 day event. Starting the morning of Tues, May 26th, we’ll kick off the event by posting our first new recommendation for parents.