Something's Different! C-19 Playground Closure Social Story

Help Teachers Help Children

We have stabilized our local practice.  In response to C19 we have additionally launched  a mostly volunteer team to scale the reach of our experts and support families online. Your donation will go directly towards making more puppet shows, social stories, webinars and online content to children, teachers and families

why we ask for your email

We are a group of experienced early childhood practitioners who care deeply about children and want to make resources that help everyone thrive in the teachable moment.

You'll notice we don't have any products to sell you and we will never sell your email address. Never.

Now let's get extra honest here: Due to Covid 19 our team has completely reinvented our work life, stabilized our local business, and we are working to collapse a two year online-content sharing plan into eight weeks. We are going to make some mistakes. 

Our mentors, advisors, and volunteers want to help us manage materials as we work hard to make tools our clients tell us they need right now. By requiring an email address, we can keep track of who is watching, commenting, and sharing our materials. 

This helps us correct errors we may make as online newbies who want to make sure comments or links dont distort work we need to keep safe for children. 

It also helps us learn what materials an online of community of adults find helpful so that our hard and mostly volunteer work translates into effective materials for teachers, parents, and young children so everyone can thrive in the teachable moment. 

We welcome concerns, ideas, volunteers, and questions at

10 Days and Two Quarantined Puppeteers...


10 Days and 2 Quarantined Puppeteers

Children and Learning Seeds are both so lucky that these two talented puppeteers were quarantined together, and excited to partner with early childhood practitioners. Thank you Sarah Nolen and Puppet Motion!